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Easter Toxins

The general rule when thinking about what's not good for animals is, if it's not dog/cat food then it has potential to cause some level of harm. There are however, a few common toxins that we see all the time !

CHOCOLATE - very very common ! (who could resist to be fair).

Luckily, we know quite a bit about chocolate toxicity and sometimes we can get away with it. Our friends at Vetsnow have devised a chocolate toxicity calculator which gives an indication as to the potential level of toxicity that may occur.

You can use this as a guide but remember it is a guide only.

Grapes in any form - Sadly, we can't get away with this one. All grapes but especially dried in the form of sultanas, raisins, concentrate (think hot cross buns, fruit cake) are a definite no-no. It is quite true that many dogs have eaten grapes at some point and been fine BUT it is also true that even one grape can and has caused potentially fatal renal problems. We simply don't know enough to provide any sort of guidelines about this other than to seek veterinary advice ASAP. It simply isn't worth taking a risk.

Daffodils (leeks/onions/garlic) - (all part of the same family, strangely) - all parts of the bulb/plant/vegetable are extremely toxic. Seek urgent veterinary advice.

Lilies - as we all know - extremely dangerous especially to cats who, in typical cat fashion, seem to like chewing them - seek urgent veterinary advice.

This list isn't exhaustive of course, but just some of the things common to this time of year and we hope this helps you all to have a happy and safe Easter.

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