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Pet Fit Club - New for May 2024

We all love to spoil our pets with treats - we get it ! But the fact is a huge number of cats and dogs are overweight. It's not about having a bikini body - being overweight increases the risk of your pet developing a range of potentially life shortening conditions and diseases such as:


Joint, bone and ligament damage

Heart disease


Liver disease

Respiratory difficulties

Urinary diseases

We are pleased to be able to offer a new weight reduction package called PET FIT CLUB.

Our consult nurse Kerry, runs Pet Fit Club every Wednesday.

There is an initial chargeable consultation which will take around 20 minutes and will include a lifestyle and diet questionnaire. This enables us to form a bespoke package of calorie reduction and activity ideas to ensure your cat or dog lives a long and healthy life at their ideal weight.

Follow up appointments are included in the package FREE and weight loss diets are purchased simply either through ourselves or a linked website. The HPM diet is ONLY available through veterinary outlets and cannot be purchased in retail stores.

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