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Crown Veterinary
Pet Care Plan


Our Pet Care Plan includes your routine vaccinations and year round parasite control, PLUS the option of home delivery at no extra cost.

There are huge savings to be had (as detailed below) AND the convenience of having your parasite control delivered to your home, plus of course, you spread the cost throughout the year

Type of


Dog <10kg















Why choose Crown Vets'
Pet Care Plan?

Our Pet Care Plan is entirely the product of Crown Vets. We are completely independent and are able to offer prescription grade parasite control specifically chosen to meet your pets' requirements.

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Why choose our Pet Care Plan?

 Our plan is flexible so we can stay in line with new treatments available to ensure your pet is protected with the most up to date and effective products.

Payment will be made by direct debit instead of standing order so it's much easier to set up and keep track of.

AND it's all delivered to your home !

What does the Pet Care Plan include?

The Pet Care Plan covers your yearly routine vaccinations, as well as treatments to handle parasites including worms, lungworm, fleas and ticks. You can also opt in for home delivery at no extra cost.

How can I join?

Joining is easy. Just click on the link below or scan the QR code and follow the instructions.

There is a paper option available in practice too!

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Our previous PET CLUB has now closed and you must cancel your Standing Order.

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