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New Pet Club arriving 2023


Coming January 2023 !

Our current pet club membership will be drawing to a close during 2023 and will no longer be available.

We will be launching a new Pet Club to join in the New Year and full details and joining information will be available in January.

There are huge savings to be had (as detailed below) AND the convenience of having your parasite control delivered to your home.



£16.00 monthly

£114.24 annual savings

Dog under 10 kg

£17.00 monthly

£151.30 annual savings

10-20 kg

£19.00 monthly

£154.90 annual savings

20-40 kg

£24.00 monthly

£156.32 annual savings

40-60 kg

£28.00 monthly

£176.10 annual savings

Why choose Crown Vets pet club ?

Our Pet Club is entirely the product of Crown Vets. We are completely independent and are able to offer prescription parasite control specifically chosen to meet your pets requirements.

Why switch to the new pet Club ?

Well, our old pet club hasn’t changed in 10 years. In that time there have been a lot of changes in the risks posed to your pet. We need to stay in line with the new treatments available to ensure your pet is protected with the most up to date and effective products.

Our old pet club will wind down and will no longer be available in the coming months.

Joining is super easy, we’ve dragged ourselves into the 21st century and you can join using your smart phone in practice. Don’t worry, there is a paper option too !!!!!

Payment will be made by direct debit instead of standing order so its much easier to set up and keep track of.

If you are currently on our existing pet club, continue with membership and we will inform you when you need to make the switch.

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